A Proposal for a Global Skills Accelerator

Think 20 Turkey


"Think-20 (T20) is a network of premier think tanks from the G20 economies and is as an outreach group of the G20. T20 produces ideas to help the G20 on delivering concrete and sustainable policy measures and serves as an "ideas bank" for G20 policy-makers. This note is a T20 proposal for the establishment of a Global Skills Accelerator emphasizing the need for global cooperation to develop skills and capacities in all countries that match international market standards.

1. Background

The transformation of the job market associated with technological revolution is happening fast. There is a heated debate on whether technological transformation is responsible for unemployment problems, especially in developed countries. One side argues that technology is significantly downsizing labour , while others point to the fact that technological developments are displacing workers to new jobs rather than replacing them . While its long-run impact on jobs remains unpredictable, there is no question that technology is revolutionizing industries and creating new ones, thus, also bringing about new skill requirements..."

A Proposal for a Global Skills Accelerator