New Book by the Lowy Institute

Lowy Institute


The G20 has become a key international forum since it was set up in 1999. When Australia began its presidency of the 2014 summit in Brisbane, many commentators suggested that Australia’s chairing of the G20 would reinvigorate it. This timely book looks at what that meeting achieved and what has happened in its wake. Crucially, it asks whether the G20 is poised to broaden its influence and scope beyond economic regulation into issues of security and climate change.

In The G20 and the Future of International Economic Governance, expert contributors, many of them inside players, assess the impact of the summit in the context of the year’s broader geopolitical challenges, including Russia’s temporary expulsion from the G8 and the failure of the US to ratify its governance reforms to the IMF. Taking stock, the authors question the effectiveness of the G20, many optimistic about the leadership it can offer on key global issues to do with trade liberalisation and international tax, not to mention climate change. Together they ask, what is the future of the G20 and other ‘Gs’?

The G20 and the Future of International Economic Governance will be available in October 2015.